Resin Care & Cleaning

All accessories need upkeep, however resin accessories require its own special care. To ensure lasting use of HI Darling resin accessories, please try to adhere to the following advice.


  • Do not submerge resin in water and avoid getting resin wet, especially in salt water. Resin is prone to tarnishing when exposed to moisture.
  • Avoid storing in hot/sunny areas and exposure to direct sunlight. Utilize a windshield sun shade for vehicle charms and/or remove from the vehicle in extreme heat. If exposed and resin becomes soft, immediately place it in a cool place to re-harden.
  • Glass star charm balls are made out of glass and are prone to breakage when handled roughly or dropped.
  • Avoid exposing jewelry to harsh chemicals (nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, etc). When exposed, resin may have a chemical reaction which causes yellowing, chips, scaly or break down completely.
  • Avoid tugging or pulling screwed-on keychains and attached jump rings to resin as pieces (screws and/or jump rings) may become loose or fall off.
  • If removing or replacing charms/pom poms, utilize two needle nose pliers to separate jump rings.


  • Use metal polish for keychain hardware. Keep in mind that tarnishing will occur overtime.

    When cleaning resin, use a microfiber cloth (ex. eyeglass cloth) to clean/shine resin. Plastic polish can be used to shine pieces.

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals directly on resin. If spraying disinfectant, wipe with a microfiber cloth right after.

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